Spider Identification

Spring has come. So are bugs to thrive and spiders to hunt. Here below is the spider identification chart if you lives in Australia and have concerns about spiders. Note not all spiders are harmful.

Spider Identification Chart Australia

If you need any pest control service, we are more than happy to help you if you live in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

Seasonal Pest Activities Update

A rising wave of rodent invasion has been observed among our customers in the past 4 weeks. Rodents including mice and Rats are being driven into houses by chill weather conditions.

Tips of minimising the chance of rodent invasion into your home.

  1. Seal holes and gaps which may allow rodents to wander into your home.
  2. Tidy up and avoid storing things against your house.
  3. Trim plants away from your dwellings.
  4. Do not leave food scraps on the floor
  5. Keep foods in rodent proof containers
  6. Many DIY products are available on the market. If you tried and still could not solve the problem, it would then be better call professional like us to help you.